Leiden-CONICYT PhD Scholarships (Chile)

A full PhD study at Leiden University for Chilean citizens.

For whom?

Chilean citizens who will take a full PhD study at Leiden University


All programmes offered by Leiden University




Maximum of 48 months for a full PhD study at Leiden University


 Scholarship fee’s components that will be paid to the students include:

  • A one way air ticket, economy class, from the nearest airport of the scholar place of residence in Chile to the corresponding city and one-way air ticket, economy class, back to Chile at the end of the study program, for the scholar, and for his/her spouse and children, if applicable.

  • An amount for tuition and academic fees. The tuition fee is € 6,000 per academic year after applied discounts offered by the university.

  • A monthly allowance for the scholar during the period of study

  • A monthly allowance for scholar´s accompanying spouse, if applicable.

  • A monthly allowance for scholar´s accompanying child under 18 years old, if applicable.

  • A one-time allowance to cover settlement expense and a one-time relocation allowance.

  • A yearly allowance for books and/or materials. 

  • A yearly health allowance.

  • Extension of monthly per diem allowance on account of pregnancy and maternity leave.

  • Associated language training benefits, if appropriate, up to six months.


Letter of Admission of one of Leiden University’s Graduate Schools

Application procedure

Step 1: Find a supervisor
A PhD at Leiden consists of independent and original research under the supervision of a professor. You can contact a professor yourself to discuss your research plan or you can contact the Graduate School of the Faculty. More about finding a supervisor.

Step 2: Apply to the Graduate School
After you and the proposed supervisor agree on your research proposal and research plan, apply to the Graduate School of the Faculty where you plan to conduct your PhD research. For more information on Application procedures, please check the admissions information on the PhD portal. If you are admitted, you will receive a Letter of Admission from the Graduate School.

Step 3: Apply for the Conicyt scholarship
You can apply for the scholarship through the Conicyt Website.

Step 4: Apply for a visa and residence permit
Once you received confirmation from Conicyt, apply for a visa (MVV) and a residence permit (VVR). See procedures at the International Servicedesk (ISD).

More information

Send an email to the scholarship department of Student and Educational Affairs for more information on the university’s procedures or contact Conicyt for more information on the scholarship.

Last Modified: 13-04-2016