Dutch Bank Account

We advise all international students to open a bank account in the Netherlands.

It is essential to open a bank account if:

  • you are to receive a scholarship from Leiden University. A Dutch bank account is required for the university to transfer the scholarship funds to you.

  • you are applying for a (part-time) job. Your employer will pay your salary into your Dutch bank account.

  • you are an EU student and you are entitled to pay the so called homefee and would like to pay tuition fees in instalments. Instalment agreements are only possible if you have a Dutch bank account.

How to open a Dutch Bank Account

You can open your bank account at several banks.

When opening a bank account, you will be asked to provide:

  • A valid passport

  • Rental agreement proving your address

  • Proof of admission to the University

The Visitors' Centre can provide you with more information.

Last Modified: 02-08-2012