Research skills

Social Media Strategies for Academics

While social media are great tools to communicate academic knowledge to a broad audience of non-experts, using such media for this purpose comes with particular challenges. What topics are suitable for an audience of non-experts? How to negotiate nuance and complexities? What social platforms work best? This course offers strategies that help scholars reach out to a broad online audience.

Academic Writing

The course Academic Writing aims to develop and expand the skills required to write reports, articles, books and dissertations in English and teaches participants to write in language that is both effective and appropriate for academic texts.

Communication in Science

The course Communication in Science is designed for PhD candidates who need to be able to present their research findings to an international audience. The various forms of written and oral presentation will be approached from the perspective of interaction, with special attention to some linguistic issues. Participants apply what they have learned in the work groups and video sessions. The course is conducted in English.

Intellectual property

This course offers a broad overview of the field of intellectual property and provides an introduction to the areas of law with which an academic may come into contact in the course of his or her work.

Knowledge exchange and impact

All "NWO Vernieuwingsimpuls" applications will be assessed on knowledge utilisation, as well as on the quality of the researcher and that of the project proposal. The knowledge utilisation assessment will represent 20% of the total assessment. This is an important change with respect to previous application rounds.

Library Courses

The Leiden University Library has several courses that might be useful, when starting your research.

On being a scientist

A number of cases of scientific fraud and misconduct have been widely covered in the media recently. Are these cases signs of a system in crisis or just some anomalies in an otherwise good scientific framework?

Open interview and qualitative data analysis

This course introduces PhD candidates of Leiden University from a wide range of disciplines into the intricacies of the open interview and the analysis of qualitative data, This course will be in English. (the course tutor is Dutch, so the individual session at the end of the course can also be about an interview in Dutch)

Project management skills for doctoral research

This course aims to introduce PhD candidates to the principles underpinning effective project management and the application of these principles to their dissertation projects. Various aspects of planning, implementation and monitoring will be addressed, as well as the personal and organisational context of PhD research. Participants will leave the course with a concrete research plan and a clear understanding of what is required to implement it.

Writing for a wider public (Course in Dutch)

Writing with an increasing popular appeal: Researchers are required to write on a regular basis and to formulate their research results in an appealing manner. While they are often very successful in bringing their research across to colleagues, writing for a wider public is a different matter altogether.