Effective communication

Learn to communicate constructively and influentially.

Target group

PhD candidates in the second year of their programme who want to learn how to communicate constructively and influentially.


The course will make you more aware of your style of interaction, and will offer guidelines for more effective communication with your PhD supervisor/manager, mentor, colleagues and others. This will have a positive effect on the PhD process and on how you carry out your work.

Working method and course content

Prior to the course you will receive a questionnaire about your expectations and objectives. You will also be asked to give an example of a difficult situation you have encountered. During the morning session we will look at these personal examples and the relevant theory. Factors for you to consider:

  • Styles of influence
  • Handling differences in outlook and interests
  • Unarticulated expectations
  • Taboos in communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback

In the afternoon you will carry out practical exercises based on examples from your own experience. An hour is reserved for discussion with a professor, who will give feedback from his perspective.

Working method:

  • Experience-related training
  • The course addresses the participants’ current situation
  • Mix of theory and practical exercises


Employees of Leiden University can register via Self service.

Others/LUMC (or when you have no access to Self service) can enrol by returning the completed and signed registration form to HRM Training and Development (scanned & by email or by post).

If the date of the course is no longer in the overview in Self Service, this means that the course if full. In that case you can register for the same course on another date. When the course is not mentioned in the overview, this means all courses are full, then you can send a mail to HRM-Opleidingen. As soon as there are enough people interested in the course, we will plan a new date and will let you know accordingly.

Courses are in English, unless stated otherwise. 


Courses open enrolment (except for Science PhD candidates):
2017/Open1: 10 March, from 9.00 - 17.00  hours

Courses especially for Science PhD candidates:
2017/fwn4: 21 March, from 9.00 - 17.00 hours (fully booked)
2017/fwn5: 10 April, from 9.00 - 17.00 hours (fully booked)
2017/fwn6: 12 May, from 9.00 - 17.00 hours 
2017/fwn7: 9 June, from 9.00 - 17.00 hours 

Venue: Academy Building/Faculty Club, Rapenburg 73, Leiden


The course amounts to 9 hrs in total, including attendance, preparation and homework.

Costs and cancellation

PhD candidates (Leiden University and LUMC): no charge.

Our cancellation rules apply to all courses. Cancellation within two weeks before the first course date means we have to charge a cancellation fee of € 100.

Course tutor

One of the trainers from Aletta Wubben Mens en Organisatieontwikkeling www.alettawubben.nl.

Any questions?


Experiences from participants

To give you an idea of the opinion of participants that took this course before, we have included comments of the evaluation forms from recent sessions:

Could you describe for us the essence of this course:
- Getting trained for handling effective communication in every day situations
- For me, the essence of the effective communication course was to find common ground with the person you are communicating with.
- To get some insight in theories about communication, which at first might seem obvious but can really help you in your own communication

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