Registration, participation and cancellation

At this point in your career it is important to obtain a wide understanding, not only of academic matters, but of the broad range of skills necessary in working life. As we think it important to give you the opportunity to develop these skills, we have put together a programme intended to assist you in your development as a future researcher.

All courses are available to all PhD candidates of Leiden University and the LUMC, both regular and dual PhD candidates as long as their promotor is a professor with Leiden University/LUMC.

As there are many courses available, it is wise to discuss with your supervisor which courses you should take. Please also take into account that you will be taking several courses during your career as a PhD candidate. You can use a 'training and supervision plan' to schedule the courses you would like to take.

The courses are clustered by:

  • Joint introduction meeting for all new PhD candidates preferably within 2-3 months after arrival

  • Joint generic courses (across disciplines), including career counseling, organised by the HR training department

  • PhD research and professionalisation (offered by Graduate Schools,
    Academic Language Centre, Department of Higher Education (pedagogics),
    research schools or others)

If you have questions or cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us at:


If you click the Self Service link, you will see the following screen. There you will find a link to HRM Training Programmes. This will lead you to an overview of all the training programmes on offer where you can also enrol for each training programme individually. The procedure is self-explanatory, but if you need to you can consult the user manual on the same page.

Your registration will be forwarded to your supervisor. Important: your registration will only be complete once it has been approved by your supervisor!

Employees of Leiden University can register via Self service. If the date of the course is no longer in the overview in Self Service, this means that the course if full. In that case you can register for the same course on another date by sending a mail to HRM-Opleidingen. As soon as there are enough people interested in the course, we will plan a new date and will let you know accordingly.

For other participants, the enrolment procedure (via the enrolment form) remains unchanged.

Cancellation Policy

1. A participant’s registration in a course is complete once the HRM training department has received the completed and signed registration form and participation is confirmed by e-mail. 

2. A participant can only cancel a course after submitting a written cancellation by e-mail to the HRM training department ().

3. Cancellation of a course is free of charge up to 4 weeks before the course start date. Thereafter, the HRM training department applies the following cancellation deadlines: in the event of cancellation 4 to 2 weeks before the starting date of the course, 25% of the course fee is payable. In the event of cancellation within 2 weeks before the starting date of the course, 50% of the course fee will be charged. After expiry of these cancellation deadlines, the participant is liable for the full course fee, unless serious circumstances* make participation impossible, in which case, the number of days between the start of the course and the cancellation will be calculated from the day that the written cancellation is received by HRM Opleidingen. These conditions also apply if you register shortly before the start. 

4. For training courses offered to employees of Leiden University free of charge, a cancellation fee of €100 will be charged for cancellations within 2 weeks of the starting date of the course.

5. If unable to attend, a participant may send a colleague in his/her stead, taking into account the preparation time required for a training session. In most cases, this means that a replacement is only possible up to 1 week before the starting date of the course. Participants must submit a cancellation in writing (see Article 2) to HRM Opleidingen, naming a replacement in advance in writing/via e-mail.

6. If the circumstances require or the number of registrations for a course is insufficient, HRM Opleidingen reserves the right to cancel a course. HRM Opleidingen will inform participants of this as quickly as possible. If a course has to be cancelled, a new date will be offered whenever possible. If, under certain circumstances, setting a new date is not possible, any course fees already paid will be refunded fully and without delay.

7. If you fail to turn up for a course, we regard this as a cancellation and you will be charged the full cost of participation. If, during the course, you are prevented from attending, you remain liable for the full cost of participation.  It is not possible to claim back any training hours missed.

Last Modified: 10-11-2016