Defence of the doctoral thesis

Admission to the defence

After the doctoral thesis has been written, the manuscript must be officially submitted to the supervisor. In practice, of course, the candidate is in contact with the supervisor right from the beginning of the research project. A co-supervisor may be involved as well. The manuscript has to be approved by the supervisor, once the opinion of an examiner (referent) has been heard. An examiner is either another professor or an individual who has a doctorate and is actively engaged in the field of the thesis. The examiner should not have been involved in the realisation of the manuscript.

After the approval by the supervisor of the manuscript, the Doctorate Board appoints a doctoral commission in line with the supervisor’s proposal; the commission consists of the Rector Magnificus as chairman, the supervisor, the examiner, and at least three other members (professors or individuals with doctorates) who decide whether the PhD candidate has demonstrated proof of the ability to do independent academic research through his doctoral thesis so that he may be admitted to the defence.

More details about the defence, procedures, the ceremony etcetera can be found at 'Promotiezitting' (in Dutch)

Last Modified: 02-08-2012