Setting a date for a defence

As soon as you receive approval from your PhD supervisor, you are advised to visit the Beadle's office (Pedel) in order to collect the necessary forms, to be informed in detail about the many arrangements that have to be made and to fix a date for the oral defence and ceremonial presentation in the Academy building. In order to arrange a date, you must first submit the official letter of admission. You are strongly advised to visit the office of the Beadle at least half a year in advance. The Beadle will give you all the information you need; there a number of practical matters that need to be arranged. 


For more details and examples of the letters please take a look at the appendices of the PhD regulations.

Defence ceremony

More details about the defence, procedures, the ceremony etc. can be found at 'Promotiezitting' (in Dutch).

Last Modified: 05-06-2014