Admission to the PhD programme

Admission to the PhD programme is open to those who:

  1. Have obtained a master's degree on the basis of the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) or who have passed the doctoraal examination at a publicly funded university in the Netherlands,
  2. Have written a thesis that is accepted as evidence of competence to conduct independent research, and
  3. Meet the further requirements stipulated in this regulation.

In exceptional cases, if a candidate submits a written request for exemption from the academic requirement indicated under 1), the dean of the relevant faculty may exempt this candidate from this requirement on behalf of the Doctorate Board. Such requests should be submitted to the dean using form 1. The form should be accompanied by:

  1. Certified copies of the relevant diplomas or certificates
  2. A summary of the study programmes followed
  3. A copy of the page from the candidate's passport giving details of identity, and
  4. A confirmation by the relevant supervisor that he is prepared to act as supervisor.

If the diplomas or certificates submitted do not provide grounds for exempting the candidate from the academic requirement, the dean may still exempt the candidate from this requirement if he is assured that the candidate is capable of conducting independent academic research. The dean will advise the applicant in writing whether or not the exemption has been granted.

A university diploma obtained in Germany or Austria that gives admission to a PhD programme in those countries is also sufficient to grant admission to a PhD programme in the Netherlands. This stipulation is based on a number of European and bilateral equivalence treaties and agreements with the Association of Universities in the Netherlands. The holder of such a diploma is required to submit his diploma to the Student Educational Affairs for verification.

Last Modified: 03-12-2012